Wednesday 12 December 2012

How Can I Love This Christmas Display So Much?

But, I do, I do love it!

It all started with an old door I saved from the dumpster when we were clearing out the general store that had belonged to my parents.  It had been the entry door to a long gone upper porch.  I angled it in the corner of my family room.

I didn't want to obscure this wonderful view by plunking a big Christmas tree in front of the corner windows.  The old, angled door has the most wonderful bubbles in the glass! ~

I rigged up a small spotlight behind the door, stood back and admired all that natural chippiness! ~

It's love at first sight! I'd already given away two designer trees and bought this little cedar trunk one at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $5.99.  It's perfect for some simple wood and rusty metal ornaments. ~

Did you know a bird in a nest is supposed to bring prosperity in the new year?  At the very least, it makes me happy right now. ~

This snowlady angel means a great deal to me.  The first year of my divorce, I found it too difficult to use our family Christmas tree decorations.  My daughter had just started her family and didn't have money to buy any, so I packed them up and took them all to her.  That Christmas she gave me this angel to start a new collection. ~

My vintage wagon serves as a dandy tree holder.  I can roll the whole thing out to vacuum.  If I ever get around to vacuuming that is. ~

What's a tree without some toys?  The doll belonged to my cousin and my dear Auntie Kay made the Anne Of Green Gables costume for it.  A folk artist friend made the wooden soldier many years ago. ~

Miss Piggy is a thrift store find for $4.  My girlfriend Liz says she's the epitome of thrifting run amok because I have no earthly use for it, no matter how great the bargain.  But, the pig did find a use as mascot for our monthly craft sessions. ~

The berry wreath is so old that the berries have all dried out and cracked.  It should be thrown out but the burlap bow and dollar store bird are giving it a reprieve from the landfill. ~

The only theme I'd planned this year was simple country, but another is creeping in.  After putting the stills from some favourite black and white Christmas films up in the kitchen, I had to add some to the family room.  Do you all love Bing Crosby in White Christmas as much as I do?  I downloaded four stills and added picture corners and a frame in Picmonkey and taped them to the glass. ~

The putty on the windows is crumbling and I couldn't clean up to the edges without the panes falling out.  That's a repair job for January!  Now, the next pic is not edited.  Don't the murky edges look like one of the Picmonkey boarder options? ~

The rusty bucket I made from a shiny $ store pail held a small pine tree last year and makes a great, country container for a white poinsettia this year.  It's a silk plant until they settle on whether or not the real things are poisonous to cats.  If you are not supposed to eat it, Mauve will!  The image is from the Graphics Fairy and you can click on the button on my right side bar to access all her lovely, free images.  If you want to make your own rusty bucket, you can read how to do it here. ~

 I wish I had the photography skills and equipment to show you how lovely this looks at night! ~

I've done hundreds of trees for stores, churches, restaurants and homes but none of them have stolen my heart like this one.  Before I'd draped the last string of red beads I was saying, "I can't wait to share this with all my friends in Blogland!".

The bins of decorator ornaments sit unopened and simplicity rules.  I thank all the great bloggers who have provided the inspiration and all of YOU for being there to share!

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  1. love it, love it, love it. In some ways it's better than a tree. I left ours up in the attic too this year. Got too late a start. Maybe next year, or maybe I'll try to copy the simplicity of yours!

  2. I got to the vaccuum part and almost had a heart attack. SO glad that you don't do that! Great tree. Adore the door. Love your angel. Merry Christmas, Maureen.

  3. Wow Maureen, I love it, the door with the lights, the wreath, the doll, I love it all! Those pics do look like effects boarder LOL.

    The very last picture looks like a vintage country Christmas postcard, amazing!

  4. I know why you love it. It's gorgeous.

  5. That door makes the perfect backdrop for your Christmas decor. I laughed though when you stated that you can roll out that wagon so you can vacuum. Nice and practical while still pretty! :)
    Farmhouse hugs,

  6. It's so charming. Right out of a '40's movie. Love the door as a back-drop. Very clever.

  7. Love! Love! Love it! especially as the door is from our parent's store. It looks even better in person. It's like walking into a movie scene. Simplicity rules and to think not a single item was purchased for this (oh sorry, except the Salvation Army tree).

    What a fabulous job!

  8. Oh Maureen ... I love your tree. I wish I had one like that as I don't really feel up to decorating this big one, but must. The door behind it is just so perfect. Great job my friend ... just maybe you have inspired me to get busy putting mine up.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  9. Maureen you never cease to amaze me! You always know where to start and when to stop so that everything is perfect! That door is and awesome starting point. I love that you have everything in a wagon too! (But don't you know you don't have to vacuum after you put up your decorations?'s the Christmas reprieve!!) The angel from your daughter is so sweet and perfect for your tree! Love, love, love the stills from the old movie too!

  10. That door is great Maureen. The tree is fun, never thought of adding toys like that...good idea. The closer it gets to Christmas the less motivated I am to decorate a big tree.

  11. Maureen, I'm so glad you shared, what inspiration you gave us with the downloaded pictures, I'll have to try that next year! The door is fabulous too!

  12. That is one packed post, Maureen. You've shared so much -- your style, your creative ideas, your history. Everything looks so honest and precious at the same time. I'm wanting to toss all the glitzy crap from China and start over after seeing what you've lovingly assembled. Thanks. And Merry Christmas.

  13. To many of us, Christmas decorating is a duty that must be carried out. You, however, see it as a joyful privilege, and it's that spirit that comes through in your creation. Lovely!

  14. Love it, Maureen. And you've created a gorgeous vignette without obscuring the view!!

    Also love your White Christmas theme - think I'll be "borrowing" that next year.

  15. How could you not love it?? It is fabulous, so pretty, yet simple, rustic, understated. And having the door from your parent's store is inspired. Love every bit of it!!

  16. You have the awesomest (is that a word?) thrift stores! What a wonderful vignette! I have hardly started my decorating this year! Cathy

  17. Ummm... you love it cuz it's cool maybe?


  18. I take it back the pig fits in well. I love the whole display, I bet it looks really nice lit up. Love it.

  19. Love the pig and the revamped wreath.

    I'm stopping by from Katherine's Corner blog hop.

    Happy Favorite Things Thursday!

  20. How special that you saved that door with the bubbly glass! Love the quiet charm of everything you added even the pig.

  21. Absolutely beautiful Maureen - you're so incredible with details - and that corner is the perfect spot for that door!
    Don't know which item I love best they're all so special -

  22. Maureen, your door is perfect, I would love to find one and your tree is gorgeous. I would have bought Miss Piggy in a heart beat, she is adorable...For what i don't know LOL! Your nighttime photography skills are perfect, and your way with words is what keep us coming back!


  23. It's easy to see why you love it Maureen, it's a gorgeous vignette. The door looks amazing and adding the photos - inspired !

  24. Well I can just feel the magic! Love your chippy door. You have done so many cheery and clever things here. I love that movie too right from the big red screen when it starts up. What a terrific idea to use the stills! I love having toys and dolls too. They provide the perfect note of nostalgia. It's all just darling!

  25. Completely and utterly enchanting!

    You are such a clever and creative elf.

    Have a holly jolly day!

  26. What a great door! Love the toys with the tree. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  27. It's wonderful that you took something you found and loved and made it into such a lovely display. Thank you or sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  28. I love this! The tree is perfect in front of that door! I would love one like that! I'm into more simple decorations now. Once it's up it then has to come down! Yikes.


  29. Everything looks wonderful! I love the old door. now I am going to have to look for one this next coming year! LOL Thank you for sharing at TTF. have a fantastic day!

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