Sunday 25 November 2012

Let's Talk Paint & Paper

I've had some questions about colour choice and materials used in my kitchen redo so I'm going to jump right into some of the nuts and bolts of the job.

In the last post, I talked about turning a stock cupboard into open shelving.  My dear friend Mel, from Mellywoods Mansion, piped right up and asked if it was real beadboard. ~

The original plan was to have beadboard installed as a backsplash.  When finances dictated that I wait to install a new counter, I couldn't invest in having beadboard installed.  The new counter (whenever it appears) won't have a raised back and the job would have to be done all over again.

Instead, I went to this. ~

At $24 for a double roll, this stuff is amazing!  You really cannot tell it isn't the real thing.  There's a bit of a trick to applying it.  It's realism comes from it being a very puffy, 3D design.  If you apply pressure during application, it will pucker and the look is spoiled.  Even the seams can only be gently smoothed.

I've used this type of anaglyptic wallpaper to cover accoustic tile ceilings and, again, you have to be careful not to press it into the seams of the tiles.

I've had it on the kitchen ceiling for a few years and have painted it twice. ~

It covers a myriad of sins!  Too bad they don't make some of that for life.

Melly used the beadboard paper on her nursery closet doors.  Here it is behind the adorable night light she made for the babies. ~

I absolutely love the look of this paper!  I've painted mine the same colour as the walls, Benjamin Moore White Down CC-50.

The cabinets were washed with TSP and primed with Benjamin Moore Fresh Start.  I removed the doors to paint them but don't think I would bother another time.  If you do remove yours, remember to mark where they go.  I marked mine in the holes for the hardware. ~

The kitchen is situated between the black and white dining room and a family room that has a lot of brown in it.  To create a good flow in colour, I wanted a brown based grey.  My choice was Benjamin Moore Silver Fox 2108-50.  This is a true chameleon colour that responds to surrounding colour and light.  In my master bath, it looks very dark.

In this room is looks light grey.  You absolutely must try a sample of this in your room before making your decision! ~

I found a couple of great tools to help the painting process, especially on a job that is dragging along like this one!

This reusable paint can lid is a lifesaver! ~

Love the pour spout! ~

Beautitone has made a holder for the wet roller that has kept mine usable for 3 weeks.  I'm on a septic system and can't wash paint into it so rollers wind up being thrown out after a couple of days of keeping them in the fridge.  This is airtight and really, really works!

I'm sold on everything I've used in this project.  How often does that happen?

Now I'm on to the tricky job of replacing an 80's style pot light covered in a plexiglass shade thingy. ~

This I cannot fix with some paint and paper!!!


  1. That beadboard wallpaper is amazing! Looks like the real deal, cheap and easy to install! I love your open cupboard! You have kept yourself pretty busy Maureen!

  2. We JUST completed our cabinets too ..and I decided to leave the doors off one of the cabinets. I really like the look! Your silver color is really pretty. Mine is white with a little taupe over the black granite and black bean over the white marble island. My hardware is still going on but I've already started showing bits and pieces :) So fun to stumble across your blog!


  3. I have never seen beadboard paper. This stuff is fantastic! Where can it be purcahsed?

    1. This wallpaper looks completely realistic! I bought mine at my local Benjamin Moore store but any place that carries a good supply of wallpaper will have it. I used less than a single roll to do the backsplash and end wall, so about a $10 investment for a great look.

  4. It all is looking fantastic Maureen. I have to find one of those roller keepers what a fantastic idea.
    You guys have much better access to paints types than us - so jealous!

    Thanks so much for shout out as well xo - Mel

  5. I love coming here, Maureen. You always have such good knowledge about the products you use, etc. I love the bead board wallpaper. It looks like the real thing and I would certainly use it myself. Great job, girlie. Hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  6. That bead board wallpaper is new to me. Fantastic. Good luck on the light project....not an easy one. I just covered up a chimney sleeve that I cannot get rid of until next spring. What a mess!

  7. The beadboard wallpaper is way cool.

  8. I have wanted to try the bead board wallpaper and yours looks great. Best of luck with the kitchen projects.

  9. I have to admit that bead board on a roll is nothing short of a miracle. We have used some on our media unit and wow it looks like the authentic article. I am loving your innovative use of music sheets btw :)

  10. Some day you will see a beadboard wallpaper post from me. I have 4 rolls in my closet waiting for their attachment to my mudroom walls. But now that I know only light pressure should be applied, I'm rethinking my husband as the applicat-or.