Monday, 19 November 2012

I Officially Declare It Christmas Season!

Now, the Americans will be groaning because they haven't even done Thanksgiving yet.  But, we Canadians get all that out of the way early and move right on to Santa Claus parades, Sunday school pageants and parties.

As a family, we're dealing with increasing distances between our members and, with many having to make 2+ hour car rides to get there, we need to get the extended family together very early in the season.  My cousin's son and his dear wife offered to host as they have the most central location.

My sister, brother in law and I were headed to the big city.  It's not that easy for country folk, you know.  There I am, in full makeup and party clothes, under a barn coat and muck boots, chasing my chickens around and around the pen to herd them into bed early.  It's totally breaking my sister up that I have Gert tucked under one arm while I fight off an irate Charlotte, who doesn't appreciate the early curfew!  I get two chickens in the coop and three chickens run out!

Let's hit the road and see what's new in the world.

What the heck does this sign mean?  I've never seen it before. ~

I'm laughing my head off and saying, "What, we get fined $500 for eating spinach out of a can like Popeye?".  "Is this a Popeye restricted area?".  My sister says that is a good example of how I don't think like anyone else.  She's sure Popeye would not have entered anyone else's mind.  Come on, admit it, some of you thought of him!

Our hostess loves cardinals and her tree was beautifully done up in them! ~ 

I reworked my Elmo heads (not balls) for a Christmas theme and did Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. ~

Baby sweetly said, "Hi, Rudolph" and then picked his nose off and ate it.  I'm a little concerned that she's so comfortable making friends with something and then consuming it.

Don't be fooled by this sweet baby face.  She'll eat you if she takes the notion! ~

For anyone who wasn't named Rudolph, a great time was had!  IT guys and hospital administrators, jockeys and singers, builders and artists, writers and martial artists, farmers and city folk, dogs and kids all came together with a common bond; FAMILY!

We'll travel as far as we have to share the season! ~

I hope this holiday starts as well for each and every one of you!