Sunday 4 December 2011

Victoria Magazine Christmas Style!

I've been known to go a leetle beet over the top on bling at Christmas!  This is a time of year when I think more is more and give myself full licence to add as much glitter, colour and sparkle to a room as any eight year old girl could desire.  And, we all know they never think you can have too much glitz.

This year, though, I'm craving decorations that are simpler and more natural.  I'm leaning toward traditional colours and decorations with a hand made, homey feel.  Nothing says tradition more than Victoria Magazine and I fell in love with a little vignette on one of the Christmas issue pages.  You know if I love it, I'll copy it!

Here's the inspiration ~

I have three solid lead, antique farm animals that usually sit on high shelf in my dining room.  At Christmas they kind of get buried under decorations. ~

The inspiration photo had so many elements that appealed to me.  I adore vintage books and, since I was sixteen, I've been the caretaker of the family Bible with records dating back to the 1800's.  Perfect for this display.  They have put candy canes in a white, vintage pitcher and you all know I love my white ironstone!  

Here's my version of a Victoria Magazine style Christmas! ~

Now, that's what I call a family Bible! ~

Well, I couldn't resist a leetle bit of bling on the burlap bow I dressed Miss Piggy up with! ~ 

Since I'm spending so much time at my daughter's farm right now, I really appreciate these darling lead animals that never need to be fed, watered or shovelled up after!

Their & My Versions ~

This project is off  to~


Oh, look!  While I was busy decorating, a Polar Bear was whispering in Maeve's ear.  Whatever could the secret be? ~

Maybe they were just wondering when I would finish decorating and clear up all this mess.  I was wondering what the cat was doing on the dining room table!

Have a secretly naughty day!


  1. That's lovely Maureen! Love the pig and the family bible additions...there's no place like home!

  2. Maureen this is so cute. I love that pig, he is neat. Thanks for sharing with the holiday copy cat challenge.

  3. Great job putting your own take on this copycat, Maureen! I love your angel snow woman and that you incorporated your animals. That is some bible! How great that you used it in your vignette.

  4. So warm and cozy Maureen! I was just about to tell you whether or not you have linked to my uncommon.

    I love your mantle and shelves. Puuurrrrfect rather :) with that little thing checking out the polar.

  5. Your blog made me smile. The fact that you are the keeper of the old family bible I just love. Lead farm animals another thing I just adore and our black cat is simply called Tom.
    Have a great day,

  6. Hi Maureen,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Especially love your little piggy all blinged out for the holidays! Following along.

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