Sunday 18 December 2011

Delectable Dining!

I've had two whole days at home and I'm scurrying around to get this house in shape for some Christmas entertaining.  I love to get together with my girlfriends for a little pre-Christmas coffee, tea and desserts! It's just to keep our strength up for the busy season ahead, of course.

There are no turkeys involved in this soiree!  It's all about sugar, sugar, sugar!  The idea is to get so hopped up on sugar that we can go like energizer bunnies through all the slicing, dicing, stuffing, washing, etc. that the big day can throw at us.

I started by making a runner for the table from a simple piece of white cotton. I chose the words, Silent Night and Holy Night and printed them in parchment text.  You need to invert the words and print them out on a lazer printer.  I used parchment text since it looked like an old German style of font.  I also downloaded two images of deer heads from The Graphics Fairy.  Using the Citrosolv transfer method I showed you on my DIY post, Citrosolv Fabric Transfer, I transferred the images to the centre of the runner.  The edges were to be frayed and I added a simple line of stitching to control how far the fraying went. I added a ruffle to either end for a bit of girly as this is for a ladies night.

Here's the transfer ~

And the ruffle ~

I'll fray the sides until they are equal with the ruffle.  The runner is layered over a black table cloth that has a bit of sparkle woven into it.

Start setting the table for the sweet treats! ~

Since the good old days of being able to feed people anything short of ground glass are gone, I'll use the place card holders to identify what is in each treat.  That handles allergies well and doesn't force the person to ask about each item.

Since this whole season started in a stable, I like to tuck farm animals into the scene.

How cute are these Fitz and Floyd ceramic pigs, on a bed of burlap?  I tucked them under a cloche on a white pedestle ~

Since my theme is snow and ice in this room, I have added chips of ice to the table top and snowballs, white pine cones and snowflakes to the high lintel.

A quick and easy embellishment is filling a tall vase with white beads, pine cones and Christmas bulbs. ~

All that is left to do is fill the table with tons of yummy sweets, pots of coffee and tea and maybe a few nice bottles of wine!

Have a really sweet day!

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  1. What a lovely tablescape, the runner is fabulous!

  2. I absolutely love the runner!

  3. Very pretty runner. Thanks for linking up to my newbie party.

  4. The snow and ice theme is lovely! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the arrangement with the silver pinecones.

  6. WOW Maureen. I love the runner and I LOVE your plates. They are so Noir. Okay I also love that wallpaper of yours. Am I invited? :)

  7. I love your decorations and tablescape. Beautiful in black and white. Very special.

    Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best in the new year.

  8. Thank you everyone! I wish you all would stop on by and I could treat you to some Christmas cheer!

  9. ps - The ice chips were not such a good idea with a bad cat like Maeve. She steals them and shoots them around like hockey pucks!

  10. Your decorations are very nice, love that table runner with ruffle, very pretty. Black and white are always so elegant, and shows it here. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best and wishing you Happy Holiday's.

  11. Hi Maureen, I love the table runner and your tablescape is beautiful! Happy Holidays.