Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pshawww - Who Needs Ralph Lauren!

To be honest, I love everything Ralph Lauren does.  It's just wayyyy too expensive for me! While I was staying at my daughter's farm this week, I was dying to inject some of his equestrian style into her Christmas decorating.  I mean we do have actual horses and riding gear there.  It just happens to, oddly enough, be in the barn!

On our way home from her doctor appointment, we just happened to pass a small town Salvation Army store. She asked if I minded stopping there to see if they had any vintage tea cups.  Me, mind stopping at a thrift store? I have VIP status at the one closest to me!

This place was a gold mine!  I found an entire shelf of vintage sealer jars with zinc/glass lids.  They were kind of embarrassed that they were asking 25 cents each.  Ummm, okay.  I took all I could carry and I'll be going back there next week!  I also found six vintage music books and can finally make a music page wreath for my pianist grandson!

I also found this wreath ~

I ripped all the fakey greenery off before I thought to take a picture.  You can see a few bits lying around.

The beard was straw and the cap was real wool.  The wreath itself is a typical grapevine type.  Luckily, I don't travel without my glue gun and burlap these days.  I tied a burlap bow onto the wreath and glued the pine cones from the fakey greenery onto the centre of the bow.  Total cost for this project is under $5.

Here she is done ~

Don't you just love the patina on my daughter's harvest table?  She bought that with her very first pay cheque and won't buy a house if the table won't fit in the kitchen.

Off I went to do barn chores with a wreath over my arm.  My daughter thought it was pretty funny that decorator Mom can't even leave the barn alone!

Now, I had no time to stage this for a beauty shot.  I just plunked it onto an existing nail near the riding gear. It would have taken way too long to sweep all those cobwebs down anyway!

 Ralph Lauren eat your heart out! ~

Sigh. Life on the farm is so wonderful!

Then we trudged back to the house, in the wind and rain, to find the sump pump had quit and the basement was seriously flooded.  A brief attempt with buckets led to a panicked call to the neighbours for a submersible pump and hoses.  Within ten minutes two guys showed up with a submersible and a new sump pump.  They asked if I lived in the city.  I proudly told them I did not and could handle sloshing around in a couple of feet of water.  They handed me a shovel and sent me outside to dig a trench in the pouring, freezing rain.  Why oh why did I not say I lived in a condo in Miami?

Life on the farm is not wonderful!

Neighbours that drop everything to help for an afternoon are wonderful.

I hope the boys from the group homes, who snuck in under cover of darkness to clean the barn one day last week,  like the bit of Christmas cheer I added to the barn.

Next week I'll gussy up the horse stalls!

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