Sunday 1 June 2014

Gardening Is An Act Of Faith

My garden doesn't look very nice right now.  It's full of odd structures and markers for plants that I have absolute faith will grow.  Disappointments in the past are forgotten.  Bountiful crops are remembered.  I choose to remember the good seasons.

A tripod of driftwood is wrapped in chicken wire.  I have visions of Italian cucumbers climbing up the structure.  I'll wear a flowing garden dress and floppy sun hat while I pluck perfect cucumbers for the salad. ~

I don't have a flowing sun dress or floppy sun hat but that's beside the point.

Bits of wattle fence deter the chickens from digging up seedlings.  Tent pegs and string mark the rows, waiting for seeds to germinate. ~

I keep digging, planting, watering and weeding.  I know it will be worth every mosquito bite and broken nail when the crops start to come in.

Along with the regular gardening, I'm terracing the hill that comes down from the patio.  It's back breaking work and takes a whole lot of faith to believe it is worth it. ~

All the stones are being moved from another spot.  It's hot, dirty, heavy work and I have no idea how long the project will take.  My little, happy voice inside keeps saying, "I think I can, I think I can...".

Bit at a time is my motto on this baby. ~

Good old Kay marches along beside the wheelbarrow, watching as the the loads of stone get dumped. ~

I admit it.  I like having chicken company while I toil!

Anne Boleyn, being of royal blood, doesn't like being part of the construction.  She whiles away the afternoon in her bower under the blooming Weigela bush. ~

Like Anne, you will all have to have faith that the peons (Kay and I) will get the job done and have prettier pictures to show you before this summer is out.

I will focus on the victories of the past.  The little lilac bush was only two years old and had to endure this past winter of brutal temperatures.  Today, I picked the first bouquet from it. ~

And that, my friends is the reward of faith!

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