Wednesday 2 April 2014

The Fifth Season

When you live in the country, you get an extra season between winter and spring.  It's called Mud Season!

Chic fashion for this time of year is a stout pair of these. ~

From the side door of my house to the chicken coop it is so deep in mud right now that I'm afraid I'm in one of those early western TV shows, where it seemed everyone fell into quicksand at some point in time.  I wonder where all that quicksand went.  It seemed such a regular thing in the old westerns and I've never seen any in real life.

Add a few downed tree limbs and this is a pretty attractive view. ~

But, not even the sight of all that mess could stop my excitement when a neighbour called and told me to check out the river.

The ice was breaking up! ~

Whole trees and debris of every kind swirled in the raging water.  Several docks floated down from upriver. I've seen some very odd things go floating by on the ice flows at this time of year;  toilets, lawn chairs and even a dead sheep once.

Just before it hits my flights of metal stairs, the ice turns away and I'm left unscathed for another year.  Yay! 

Nature is awesome! ~

Even mud season won't dampen my spirits today, because I know spring is following close on it's heels!


  1. oh, awesome indeed! Well, in India we'll have to sport these soon. A month at the max. Monsoons are coming :(

  2. Yes, it's here. Wonderful photos. Deb

  3. You certainly are well into spring and mud season there. I have a pair of those glamorous boots too and they really come in handy this time of the year (when the snow is gone as it's not started to go here yet). They sell some really pretty ones these days but to wear to the chicken coop and in the mud I think I'd stick to the old rubber ones. :) Glad the river has passed you by well away from your house!

  4. I remember watching the bottom half of our stairs go floating down that river, lol. We kept saying it was like watching a National Geographic show,...awesome is the perfect word for it. I am also sporting those same boots in that same condition, lol. For once I'm just happy it stopped snowing.

  5. how are those chickens doing, now that the river has broken up?

  6. I have some flowers poking through - Yeah! I too love the look of my boots, especially when wearing shorts in the summer. It's the village look.

  7. I guess mud is better than knee-deep ice and snow. Hope your chickens are happy to finally see the ground again. Maybe your Spring will be beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I'm not sure which I hate worse- snow season or mud season. I think it is a toss up! At least you know with mud season that true Spring is not far behind- xo Diana

  9. We seem to have had three seasons only, summer, the rainy season and then a mud season, winter seems to have completely deserted us. It's great not to have been too cold but the warm weather we're having now makes for a long working day at the café !
    Love your beautiful shots of the river.

  10. Oh... the river is sooo beautiful! We're half way between snow season and mud season, but we're inching closer to an actual spring so we're happy. Even though we're impatient for warmer weather we know that a slow melt is best so there's no flooding or ice dams. We still have snowbanks in the yard that will take a while to disappear.

  11. you are so lucky to have a rive on your door step it is beautiful even if it is in mud season. I have to say the stuff floating past would keep me entertained for hours! I think our winter is the equivalent of your mud season, cold wet and muddy but no snow. Happy spring as soon as the mud dries :)

  12. I need some of those mud boots! My entire yard is mud. It's a good thing we no absolutely nothing about putting in a lawn. I love that the river is right behind you! And it's April. I'm glad you're finally thawing out (us too!).