Friday, 4 April 2014

Reworking Silver Pieces

If you come across some silverplate that is absolutely ruined, it still can work great in craft projects. Pieces that have intricate detailing or style can find a whole new life, even if the original finish is beyond saving.

This tray was a throw out except that I liked the fretwork and I spray painted it gold for a Christmas display a few years ago. It was time for a repaint. ~

It took all of 5 mins. to repaint it in Wild Orchid craft paint.  One coat covered nicely. ~

I added a couple of raffia Easter bunnies, some plastic grass, a candle and piled it high with plastic eggs. ~

What, you aren't seeing eggs piled up in there?  That's because The Barbarians swooped in on either side of me and grabbed them as fast as they could.  They ran  ... I chased.  They swooped again, ran again and I chased again.  Twenty rounds of this madness and I gave up.  I'm sure I'll find the eggs the next time I move furniture. sigh  I don't think they fully understand what blogging is all about.  Use your imagination or show up here next time I attempt something like this and stand guard for me!

I snapped a pic of this idea that I saw at an auction.  This serving dish must have lost it's liner and someone has cleverly turned it into pin cushion for hat pins.  I may keep my eye out for a baby christening cup to turn into a pin cushion.

Next time you come across a piece of silver that you think has outlived it's usefulness, take a good look at the lines and see if you can't give it just a little more life.

Just so you don't think too badly of my barbarian kitties, Clara Jane helped me with my photo shoot.

She's added her favourite pipe cleaner toy to the display. ~

How could I possibly stay mad at that sweetheart for long!