Sunday, 9 February 2014

I Need Butter Accessories?

Of course I do.  I have a love affair going with butter.  I started making my own and the love just got stronger.  When you love something that much, you want to give it things to show it just how much you appreciate it.

In a consignment store, I spied a vintage butter press for $5.  I could not get that baby to the check out counter fast enough! ~

It has a nice leaf pattern on the plunger.  ~

You press the butter into the holder and force it out with the plunger, leaving the pattern on the butter. This was my first try and I need to work on it.  At least, I need to get to the point where I don't leave my fingerprints all over the butter. I'm thinking that might be a bit of a turn off to my guests.

The only drawback I find to making my own, organic butter is that it goes rancid much faster than commercial butter.  If I keep it in the fridge, it's too hard to spread.

Along comes my friend Wendy to the rescue!  She gave me a butter keeper that keeps the butter spreadable and fresh. It's an old technique from before the days of refrigeration. ~

You pack the butter into the lid side of the dish.  It holds about a quarter pound.  Put about an inch of water into the bowl side of the dish and invert the lid into the water. ~

The butter can sit out at room temperature and not go bad.  Every couple of days you change the water.

But, does it work?

It works!  The butter stays spreadable and fresh.  Brilliant! ~

Best of all, it appears to be cat proof!

I thank you, Wendy, and so does my lovely butter.  The cats, well, let's just say you'd better watch your back next time you visit here. The Barbarians are none too pleased with you!