Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cats Of All Sizes

In the world of cat fights the biggest one usually wins.

When the weather looks like this, a ray of sunshine is worth fighting for. ~

Clara Jane is used to  sharing the scratching post with her sister Michaela but they have grown a little large for it. ~

That wasn't working so they tried a different arrangement. ~

At 9 lbs., Clara is the larger girl, so she just pushes Michaela off. ~

That wakes the old guy up and makes him think that spot would be nice. ~

Check out how high the snow has come up the patio doors!  And, pay no attention to the scrunched up mat. The girls have the idea that it must be put back that way the minute I straighten it and I've just given up on it.

Utah pushes Clara Jane off and since he is male, the senior lion in the pride and the biggest, they don't even try to take it back. ~

Poor Maeve, at three years old and only weighing in at 3 lbs., isn't even in the running for a spot in the sun. ~

She's had that look on her face since the day I brought the feral kittens home.  It basically ruined her life.

I'd have all my cats be pygmies if I could.  The advantages to teeny weeny cats are many.  You never wake up in the night with a terrible pressure on your chest that makes you think you must be having a heart attack. I hardly feel her sleeping on me.  They don't eat much and they have very dainty, little poops.

But, the cat that has been hanging around my yard would have no trouble staking it's claim to the best sleeping spot. ~

What's the big deal?  Check out the size of the print beside my size 5 boot! ~

That, my friends, is a cougar print on my front porch and that's one cat that's not coming inside!