Wednesday 26 February 2014

Cats Of All Sizes

In the world of cat fights the biggest one usually wins.

When the weather looks like this, a ray of sunshine is worth fighting for. ~

Clara Jane is used to  sharing the scratching post with her sister Michaela but they have grown a little large for it. ~

That wasn't working so they tried a different arrangement. ~

At 9 lbs., Clara is the larger girl, so she just pushes Michaela off. ~

That wakes the old guy up and makes him think that spot would be nice. ~

Check out how high the snow has come up the patio doors!  And, pay no attention to the scrunched up mat. The girls have the idea that it must be put back that way the minute I straighten it and I've just given up on it.

Utah pushes Clara Jane off and since he is male, the senior lion in the pride and the biggest, they don't even try to take it back. ~

Poor Maeve, at three years old and only weighing in at 3 lbs., isn't even in the running for a spot in the sun. ~

She's had that look on her face since the day I brought the feral kittens home.  It basically ruined her life.

I'd have all my cats be pygmies if I could.  The advantages to teeny weeny cats are many.  You never wake up in the night with a terrible pressure on your chest that makes you think you must be having a heart attack. I hardly feel her sleeping on me.  They don't eat much and they have very dainty, little poops.

But, the cat that has been hanging around my yard would have no trouble staking it's claim to the best sleeping spot. ~

What's the big deal?  Check out the size of the print beside my size 5 boot! ~

That, my friends, is a cougar print on my front porch and that's one cat that's not coming inside!


  1. Oh boy, we have a lot of cougars around here too. But so far have only spotted one in the woods quite a distance from us, up a long road in behind a lake. It can stay there as far as I'm concerned. But catching a glimpse of it was pretty exciting! I just wish I had had my camera ready!

  2. We get bears and so I went to a Bear lecture - the males don't hybernate ! They feed on household garbage (cans) so I suspect I will be getting a bear proof can (not cheap, well tested and a 6 week waiting list to get one). We had 2 bear-take-the-garbage last year - claw marks where the tied on lid was torn off. Garbage all over the neighbours lawn - I had to clean up stuff I didn't want to touch (gloves, plastic bags over the gloves...). There is a stiff fine for putting garbage out so I guess I will be freezing the smelly stuff until garbage day and putting it out just before pickup. More stuff to remember/do/worry about.
    Cougars scare me too. That was a big footprint in your photo.

  3. OMG - I don't think I'd ever leave the house again - if squirrels scare me I think a cougar on the loose would give me a heart attack Maureen lol
    Your cats are gorgeous !
    And loving your floor - rustic perfection ( planned or just wear over the years? ) either way i LOVE it!

  4. Wow! I hope your feathered girls are safe and protected from whatever that is. All of your cats/kittens are so CUTE! They are so entertaining!

  5. OMGOSH- That is a scary big footprint. And you wear a size FIVE? You dainty little girl, you. I think I wore a size five in the 2nd grade! lol
    Love seeing your kitties and knowing a bit about their personalities. xo Diana

  6. Wow to that big footprint. I'd be scared for sure. Love your kitties and I'm partial to the little one! My Charlie is a heavy boy and when he lays on me in my sleep I wake up with that 'pressure' you talk about. Still I love him so much. He is an 'only' cat and seems to prefer it that way. He's old now (15) and just wants his way. Hugs, Linda

  7. NO WAY! That is a cougar print right outside your house! It's huge!


  8. What! That paw print is CRAZY. My goodness.

    Loved seeing pictures of your sweet kitties and hearing about how they are all trying to get a piece of sunshine...aren't we all? Your tiny Maeve is adorable. I just want to give them all a big snuggle.

  9. Holy crap. I had no idea there were cougars there.

  10. You are in Vancouver, I think so I guess that might be common. I have heard of cougar sightings in the Lanark area but only twice in 2o some years. I don't think I'd be out walking at night alround the house if I were you. Maeve weighs 3 lbs. My goodness, that does sound small. Lily is 5 lbs but I expect that is because she is very old and shrinking fast. Most of the cats I know weigh in around 8 - 12 lbs. Probably too much for some of them but quite average. Do be careful, Maureen. The cougar may want to steal that fancy foot-ware. ;-)

  11. Wow, that's a bit scary, I hope the cougar didn't give the chickens too much of a fright, and at least when the cats aren't demolishing the place, they can keep you warm at night.

  12. HOly cow, can you imagine if you had seen the cougar...Yikkes. I laughed out loud and the cat antics...Mine do the same thing, they thing they will share and then...Nope!


  13. Really? A cougar? That is kind of scary. Keep a close eye on the indoor cats lest they escape the house and what about your chickens? Be careful, please. :)

  14. Maureen, I can't believe you have cougars just wandering around the Ontario countryside!! Yikes!! Keep a close eye on those kitties, and your gals in the garden, and maybe get yourself some size 10 shoes to scare the creeping critter away!!


  15. HOLY FAWK!!! And THAT is something I've never typed in anyone's comments before.

  16. Maureen, A cougar on your porch....on my goodness! I loved seeing pictures of your sweet kitties.

  17. Cougar....We're going to need a bigger scratching post!

    Far out that is one huge paw print. The snow line too how do you get in and out of the house just wow, never seen anything like either of those. by the way size 5 feet, you can always borrow my shoes if you ever need clown shoes your feet are tiny.

  18. Holy Smokes! That is one big paw print!! We had cougars in our yard in Montana and I do not like them, no ma'am. They are sneaky, pet eating critters. Do they disturb your chickens???

  19. That print is huge, omg, are you sure its safe to go out there, that is scarey.

  20. Omigosh! Those cats!!! AND THAT CAT!!!!! Holy schmoly!!!!