Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Birthdays And Barometers

So many emails have come in asking me where the heck I've been that I knew I had to get a post up today. I'm here guys and I'm fine (well sort of fine) and I meant to let you know several hours ago.  But .... I crashed my computer and I know absolutely nothing about fixing it.  I couldn't even get into Google, where someone knows how to fix everything.  I fixed it myself!!!  Just because I love you all so much, I've worked on this baby for 4 hrs. and it's 1 a.m. and I'm posting!

This is a perfect end to my last ten days.

Day 1  - Have to do more renos on the property I'm trying to sell and refuse to tell you about it because it's getting embarrassing that a professional stager cannot get her own rental property sold!  Climb 12' ladder to clean out gutters.  Manage to not fall off ladder.  Cross street to get tools from my house and fall in middle of highway.  Have no idea why I'm lying in middle of highway, in great pain.  Make it back to my house.  Feed chickens and go back to rental with tools.  Tell everyone I'm working with that I don't think I can keep at it because my knee is badly swollen.  Have sister insist on taking me to emergency and spend entire evening waiting to have knee X-rayed.  Knee is not broken but tendon is damaged.

Day 2,3,4,5 - Try to get through to my doctor's office by hitting speed dial all day.  Get sick from meds given at hospital.  Fall in love with an ice pack.  Refuse to tell you another ridiculous thing has happened to me!

Day 7,8 - Wish someone had run over me when I was in middle of road and ended my torture.

Day 9 - Wait four hours in doctor's office to find out I have torn tendon in knee and that is why I fell.  Get new drugs.  Feel kind of grateful tendon didn't tear when I was up on ladder!

Day 10 - Wonder how long I can stay on these steroids without yelling at people or becoming a pro cyclist.

Last Friday was my birthday and my daughter and grandkids drove down from the farm to give me an impromptu birthday lunch. The little kids decorated the cake themselves and proved there's no such thing as too many sprinkles in the icing! ~ 

My tablescape is an interesting mixture of silver, Royal Doulton china, plastic containers, vintage linen napkins, drinking boxes and wrinkled tablecloth.  I expect you will all want to copy the look. ~

Amish Girl found a brightly coloured stuffed toy upstairs and fell in love with it.  I explained that I couldn't give it to her because he was Mr. Happy and he takes in all the sadness and anger someone has and sends back happy feelings.  You all know how competent Amish Girl is.  She also has a lot of bad feelings from the time before she joined our family.  She is very accomplished at letting those feelings out in legendary rages.  In a teeny, tiny voice she said, "I have a lot of anger and sadness."  Her sisters nodded, vehemently, in agreement.  "Couldn't you just keep a picture of Mr. Happy and let me take him home?".

What a great idea and she thought it all up herself!  ~

Amish Girl and I need to remember the lesson I learned when I bought an antique barometer.  I thought it was broken, because it always registered CHANGE in the weather with a slight tip toward FAIR. ~

I had decided to get rid of it and then I realized it wasn't broken at all.  The weather did always change and, sooner or later, the weather would be fair!