Wednesday 14 May 2014

Are There Gardens In Heaven?

"I hope there'll be gardens in Heaven, Susan ... gardens we can work in, I mean, and help things to grow".
                                                         ~ Ann Shirley in Anne of Ingleside

I so agree with Anne!  I really don't know how to play a harp and sitting around on a cloud gazing down on the earthly folly below is just not my style.  Give me some dirt and a handful of seeds and I'll see a miracle every day.

Just a little over a week ago it was snowing here.  A few days later I took a chance and planted some early vegetables in the rusty, old wheelbarrow. ~

By today, those seemingly lifeless seeds have sprouted and I see the promise of radishes and green onions. ~

Day after day I dig, weed, spread compost, prune and rake.  I read weather reports and watch the sky for signs of frost.

I battle a terribly invasive weed that came with a load of topsoil a few years ago.  I've no idea what it is but it looks like Queen Ann's Lace when it blooms.  Every year I push it a bit further back from the vegetable garden and I'm hopeful I can get all the rest of it out this year.  Gardeners are nothing if not optimistic!

Luckily the chicken coop isn't sided yet and I have a giant mural from Lowe's to inspire me while I dig and tug at this stuff.  It's like having a garden coach giving me a pep talk to "Never stop improving"!

For all that it is hard work and I'm stiff and sore by the end of the day, it's my time for thinking.  It makes me feel close to Mother Nature as I give her a little hand with some of her work.  The chickens scratch in the dirt beside me or fall asleep in the sun as I work.  The old cat dozes on the bench in the arbour, waking occasionally to check that I'm still there.

A woodpecker drums a steady rhythm in the birch tree. ~

Wild birds swoop in and out of the coop to snack on the chicken feed and pick up straw and feathers to line their nests. They are used to me now and I feel a little like Snow White as they flutter around me without any fear.

As dusk falls and the river frogs begin their nightly chorus, storm clouds move in and hover over the little church. ~

Oh yes, Anne, there must be gardens in Heaven because I'm sure it's the closest I come to it here on earth!


  1. Oh working in your garden sounds amazing, mines usually yelling at the kids "don't pull that it's not a weed!" Lol

  2. That's exactly how I feel! What a wonderful feeling it is! Thanks for voicing it Maureen! xo

  3. Well, Snow White, I'd say you have managed a little bit of heaven on earth for sure.

  4. Ha, love the inspiration by Lowe's. I have tried to meditate a hundred times and the only time I've been successful is whilst gardening. I'm sure that counts.

  5. What a wonderful post, Maureen. I, too, feel connected when I am working outside and part of the magic that happens here on Earth. I have a feeling that Heaven will be different for each of us...xo Diana

  6. I agree Maureen...must be. The feeling I get when I am digging in the dirt can not be easily matched. I take my morning coffee outside and walk around our little property every morning, rain or shine, just to enjoy the new growth. :) Love that image of the church.

  7. oh yes I believe there are gardens in heaven and I also believe heaven on earth is a garden!

  8. Love this post Maureen ... you are so inspiring. I hope your special garden brings forth a lot of veggies. Love the photo of the Church. You are so lucky to have that special view.
    My garden consists of three tomato plants, one pepper and marigolds ... only because my neighbor gave me the plants. I prefer a Fall garden when it not too hot.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures