Friday, 13 December 2013

Cooks Around The World With

I was making lemon tarts to take to friend's house after his mother passed away and thinking that food is such a universal way of giving comfort and showing we care for someone.

With that thought in my head, I picked up a  message from a food website asking if I would contribute to a series they were running as a special event for the month of December. ~

Slurrpy .com has put together twelve bloggers, from five continents, to celebrate the common ingredient in cooking.  That ingredient is love.  All twelve bloggers are as different from each other as you could imagine and yet, we all care about the food we make; where it comes from and how it is prepared.  We are much more alike that it seems at first glance.  We step over walls of politics, faith and culture to become global friends, with food as our common ground.

I'd say that embodies the spirit of Christmas for me.

Each week we are given two ingredients to use in a recipe of our choice. We are asked to use recipes that anyone can make, with no special equipment and minimal preparation.  These are dishes that are made by people living busy lives, not trained chefs with a fully staffed kitchen.  I do admit to having quite a bit of cat help in the kitchen but I certainly don't have a sous chef!

This week our ingredients were cinnamon and pear.

My contribution is a Canadian take on a classic French dessert, Clafoutis. ~

The Canadian spin is replacing the powdered sugar, usually sprinkled on top, with a drizzle of pure maple syrup. Pears baked in custard just went from dessert to a delicious and elegant special occasion breakfast! ~

I can't give you the full recipe here because I wrote it for so you'll have to head over there to see all this weeks pear and cinnamon creations.  Click here to head on over.

I took the clafoutis over to my sister and brother in law and it passed the taste test with flying colours!