Wednesday 26 June 2013

A Car Full Of What?

I went out antiquing with my sister and BIL on the weekend.  The scenic route took us very near Farm Girl's place and I had a little pick up to do there.  She was giving me two of her rescue chickens and I had offered to foster a litter of kittens until we could find good homes for them.

Who am I kidding? ~

Okay, so I knew I'd keep one. ~

The chickens rode along nicely in a cat cage.  Well, we had to roll the windows down after a couple of poops in there. ~

The kittens were not happy in their cage and little, tragic meows broke my heart.  My BIL said, "I'm surprised you girls haven't got them out on your laps yet."  He still calls us girls.  He he.  I was already out of my seatbelt and opening the cage when he said it.

This little fellow was more than happy to curl up with his aunty. ~

The pair of girls rode with me.  That is, until they discovered the vintage doll house I bought. "Let's get in here!  Let's play fight in here! ~

Checking out their new digs.  Whoa, running up and down this chaise is fun! ~

I want up there, too! ~

Play, play, play and then, conk out cold. ~

Because I'm great at making animals stay in crates, they wound up sleeping in my bed.  They bit my feet, scratched the heck out of my legs and came right back up when I put them on the floor.  By night three, I had the night time 'free for all' down to the occasional reprimand.

And, Utah?  I'm pretty sure he swore when he saw what I'd brought home.  They raced toward him and he froze them in their tracks with a Grandpa glare.  He chooses to spend his days on the patio now. ~

What, no pictures of fun loving Maeve?  When she's not hissing at the kittens, she's hiding or making me feel bad with her hunger strike.

This little guy was already spoken for and has gone on to his new home. ~

As for the girls, well, I'll find homes for them just as soon as I'm done feeding my unicorn.


  1. Maureen, I can always count on you to make me LOL!!Love reading all about your escapades, there's always some twist in the plot!


  2. You are waay too cute with your posting...:))
    Love this one...and the kitties are precious.

  3. damn unicorns and their constant eating. Oh I love kittens, I haven't had one in years (Julian's allergic)

    More chickens, so did you fit any antiques in with your load?

  4. Maureen you are so funny! I love your sense of humour. I'm out in the dining room giggling out loud but not too loud to disturb hubby who's in bed. I love the unicorn picture! Have fun with the cats and chickens. Pamela

  5. OMGosh, Maureen- I can't stand it- they are too cute. The problem with me fostering anything is that I fall in love with it (whatever it is) and can't bear to let it go. Laughing that you got another chicken AND kittens, too. Poor grandpa-he has been ousted. Loving that old dollhouse, too- xo Diana

  6. Oh those kittens are soooo precious!! I am a cat person and we've rescued several lovable strays over the years, but it's been a few years since I've had a kitten around and this makes me remember how adorable and hilarious they can be. Loved this post!!

  7. Those kittens are so cute, poor Maeve, she must be beside herself and obviously mad at you but not for long. I'm surprised she hasn't come out and told them who runs the house, LOL. Great post, thanks for the laugh.

  8. I do love a little kitten time - what fun (when they stay still long enough to catch one of them). I'll be over later to play auntie again.
    Lynn @

  9. ha ha ha - what a great story. I love how kittens play so hard and then crash. Our puppy is still doing that at 8 months - what a hoot.

  10. Oh so cute Maureen, love the pic of them all crashed out on the sofa.
    My dog loves cats, but they don't love him - the neighbours cat Rosie sees him in our garden, jumps off the fence and starts hissing at him. I keep trying to tell her, that it's HIS garden and to make friends !

  11. You are too funny. I love your post too. Those kittens are just too cute.

  12. They are so cute! I thought we could catch our ferals and find homes for them but they are just incredibly skittish!

    I'm glad you have them!

  13. Maurene !!! you have a Unicorn too !!! ha ha.
    You have such a kind heart. Love this post, too funny.
    Enjoy you kittens.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Oh you are hilarious! At least you realize your weakness....or is it fondness? for these animals! I wish Sam wasn't allergic to cats. I'd have houseful!

  15. "Because I'm great at making animals stay in crates, they wound up sleeping in my bed."

    OMG I just died LOL'ing at that one. Not only do we share a name, we share this affliction too.

    They are precious!!!! What a great (not to mention hilarious) person you are.

  16. Woah..I almost missed this post. What fun...I want to come over.
    They are darling and I can't believe you let them sleep with you. I'd be up all night. Aren't we terrible to our 'old' cats sometimes. I did the same to these guys when I fostered. I don't think they have ever forgiven me. Have fun, Maureen. Hugs