Monday 14 September 2015

Vintage Sealer Jar Meets Vintage Sewing Supplies

What are you going to do when a friend brings you a whole case of vintage sealers that she has taken the time to date?  Why, you match them up with collectibles from the same year!

A little rummaging in my stash of hoarded junk fabulous vintage sewing supplies yielded metal sewing machine bobbins, wooden spools of thread, Bakelite buttons and snaps and hooks still on the cards. I never could bring myself to get rid of these goodies, so carefully saved by generations past.

Marilyn has dated this jar as 1944. World War II is still raging and the folks at home are struggling to make do, with what they have, under rationing conditions. I remember my Auntie Kay talking about taking her sister's winter coat and making it over into a coat and leggings for her own little girl. Her sister wouldn't be home for awhile to need it as she was serving overseas as an RCAF nurse.

A bit of vintage lace wrapped around the neck of the jar makes a pretty backdrop for a scrap of fabric stencilled with the date. Of course, I used teal coloured paint in honour of September being ovarian cancer awareness month.

I think it's a lovely way to organize this little collection and I hope it conveys my appreciation to all those clever ladies who kept the home fires burning and the children clothed, without taking a thing away from those who were so valiantly serving their country.

Well, to be honest, my RCAF aunt wasn't all that thrilled to come home and find her sister had chopped up her good coat for a snowsuit. The reason I know the story is because she was still complaining about it twenty years later!

Thanks for the jars, Marilyn. I had fun with this project!

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