Wednesday 3 September 2014

Accepting The Challenge

The last weekend of the summer has come and gone.  As if to compensate us for a cold and rainy summer, the weather was beautiful.  My nephew and his family came to make the most of it and spent as much time as they could on the river.

I was particularly glad for the heat when my daughter and grandkids nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Just when I thought I was nicely ducking out of that one!

Kay volunteered to do the challenge with me.  We thought we could support a good cause and bring attention to the plight of factory farmed chickens at the same time.  I'd say 'kill two birds with one stone', but Kay takes exception to the phrase.

I gave a little blurb on the video about Kay having first hand experience of suffering and her willingness to do this to raise money for the cause should make us more willing to pay a little more for cage free eggs.

I'm not sure Kay understood what she was letting herself in for. Even though I shielded her from the worst of it, she was one mad chicken!

DO NOT leave this challenge up to teenagers to execute. They will make sure the water is as cold and plentiful as possible! ~

Luckily, Kay loves me and came right back for treats. But, the new girls were having none of that treatment.

Josie was looking for anything to hide behind ~

and weeks of trying to gain Viv's trust were destroyed as she headed for cover! ~

I wonder why she cringes when I come in the coop to tuck them in for the night now?

Farewell to summer and welcome fall.  It's on to canning and preserving, savouring the aromas wafting from the kitchen and revelling in the vibrant colours of my favourite time of year. ~

The sun has set on another season and I look forward to all the joys and challenges of the one that follows!

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