Wednesday 31 August 2011


~The faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for~

Where do these things come from?  A couple of weeks ago a vine appeared in my flower garden.  How it survived my occasional weeding forays, a layer of mulch and stray cats using that area for a litter box beats me.

I'm used to plants sprouting in my veggie garden without any assistance from me.  I spread compost on it every year and they are the offspring of my kitchen and garden waste.  Sometimes they have overwintered in the soil and waited for a new season to reinvent themselves.  This popped up this year.   Mmmm - grape tomatoes!

 This survived the tilling and weeding in my sister's garden.  Surprise!

 I leave these things where they take root.  They are little surprise packages and I love the anticipation as I wait to see exactly what they are.  It's my version of the Chinese principle of Wei Wu Wei or Doing Without Doing.

This dog showed up as a pup at my door.  It became a wonderful companion to my parents.

 These cats came into my life without any effort from me and have become my buddies.

I'm working on relaxing and doing without doing.  I'm trying to stop weeding, clipping and debugging the roses and follow the old adage; stop and smell the roses.

Maybe, next year, I'll let the gardens seed themselves and see what happens.  Hmmmm.    


  1. Sometimes the plants that mysteriously arrive in your garden are soooo beautiful! Even if they are weeds....

    Love the title today!

    wendy xo

  2. I expecially like the sunflower/cornstalk combo.


  3. I'll let you all know what the vine is. It's in flower now so we should find out soon!